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Happy 710 !

Happy 710 !

July 10th. Until recently, it was just another day, but flip the number 710 and you get the word oil, driving dabbers everywhere to start the newest weed related holiday trend since 420! Now, every year, dabbers unite in their passion for exquisitely concentrated cannabis extractions.

Dabbing, the latest trend in the cannabis community, has been making a worldwide name for itself in the past few years. It is a rapidly evolving form of medicating quickly and efficiently. Both recreational and medical consumers alike have found the convenience and potency of cannabis extractions to their liking, driving new concentrate forms onto the market every day. Today, some of the most common melts seen on the shelf are shatters, honey oils, waxes, sugars, honeycombs, rosins, and live resins. All have their own unique extraction method and texture, creating what seems to be an new artistic trend.

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