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Halloween Hoaxes: Cannabis Infused Candy Becomes New Urban Legend

Halloween Hoaxes: Cannabis-Infused Candy Becomes New Urban Legend

Halloween Hoaxes: Cannabis-Infused Candy Becomes New Urban Legend

Ah, it’s that time of year again! The leaves are falling, the stores are filled with pumpkin spice and the internet is ramping up its usual Halloween scare tactics. In the olden days it was the razor in the apple, then rat poison and now the old, never-proven urban legend has updated and graduated to cannabis-infused candy.

Fact: Children have gotten sick from eating cannabis edibles, typically left out by their parents or siblings.

Also Fact: Not one proven case exists of a diabolical stoner dishing out infused edibles to children on Halloween.

Another Fun Fact: Fake news is designed to shock or surprise you into instantly sharing without fact-checking. If you read something provocative, it should be immediately suspect.

All good social media users know to check before you share. One excellent source for fact-checking is which actually takes the time to research all the internet forwards, chain emails and suspect posts that are circulating the internet (or have ever circulated the internet). If you’re ever bored, type in a keyword and read through the archives!

Let’s take a look at some Halloween hoaxes of yesteryear:

Pins, Needle and Razor Blades – Although there have been a few instances of people inserting needles and pins into Halloween candy, these cases are nearly always hoaxes created by children or their parents.

Halloween Poisonings

The one verified case of Halloween poisoning was actually perpetrated by the child’s father who poisoned his son and attempted to poison his daughter and two friends. There has never been a proven case of someone handing out tainted candy to random trick-or-treaters.

Halloween Candy Ecstasy

No one has ever handed out ecstasy to children on Halloween.

Beware of Cannabis Candy

No one has ever handed out cannabis-infused candy to children on Halloween.

Final Fact: The Natural Cannabis Company carries an assortment of delicious cannabis-infused candies, cookies, and treats (for consenting adults only)! Stop by on Halloween for spooky specials!