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Got AC? 4 Cheap, Cannabis-Friendly Places to Cool Down

Got AC? 4 Cheap, Cannabis-Friendly Places to Cool Down

Got AC? 4 Cheap, Cannabis-Friendly Places to Cool Down

Does it seem like all signs are pointing to a really hot summer? The solstice isn’t even here yet and we’re already melting! If you have the luxury of cool air conditioning, you’re probably all set. You can chill the house, smoke a bowl and binge watch Claws. But if AC isn’t available or you’re not a “hang around the house” type, you must seek comfort elsewhere. If you’re going to be literally cooling your heels somewhere for a few hours, it should be a cannabis-friendly place, right? Here are our top picks for places to while away the midday heat while still enjoying your favorite herb!

The Movies ($5-$12) – Obviously, an excellent choice for escaping a broiling day and well worth the price of a matinee ticket. Theaters are often icy cold in the summer, have comfortable seats and easy access to restrooms, food and video games. If you go theater-jumping, that’s on you. While you can’t spark up a spliff or probably even vape in a theater, they’re perfect for cannabis edibles. Take them before you head to the theater and they’ll kick in right when the movie starts getting good. Want cheaper? Check out your local second-run movie theater with matinee prices around $3-$5.

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The Library (FREE) – Another great, cheap place to spend a hot day. Not only is entry free, but you have unlimited in-out privileges for all your smoke or dab breaks. Or enjoy a nice edible before browsing the stacks. While the library lacks food, there’s plenty of comfortable seating, restrooms, water fountains and all types of media to enjoy. Surf the internet, read new fiction or learn a craft. Even without a library card, you can still read all the books, newspapers and magazines you want. For free!

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Bowling ($5-$10) – True, you have to wear other people’s shoes, but there are few better places to loiter for several hours than the bowling alley. Food, drinks, bathrooms, ample seating and free music, and of course bowling alone or with friends. As long as you’re wearing the shoes, stay all day! Pop out for smoke breaks as needed, vape discretely or enjoy an edible.

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The Mall ($5+) – You don’t actually have to go shopping to enjoy the mall on a hot day. Dose up on your favorite edible before you go, then take your time making your way to the food court. The people watching is endless and there are comfortable seating areas where no one will hassle you for just chilling out. Malls often have exhibits on topics like local art or history. Or just bring a board game, grab some food court snacks and take over a table. Read a book, play sudoku or put your headphones in (recommended) and tune out the crowd noise in favor of your own soundtrack. Don’t forget a stop at the massage chairs!

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