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Good Weed, Bad Weed: 3 Ways to Tell the Difference

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When it comes to cannabis, quality makes all the difference. No one wants to waste hard-earned money on bad weed! In weed-legal states, dispensaries are required to test cannabis strains, and many pass this information on to their clients. But, this alone can’t tell you whether a batch of cannabis is any good. While a high THC or CBD percentage may be a good starting point, there are many factors that determine quality, some of which occur after testing concludes. Here are some good tips you can use to tell good weed from bad, no lab equipment required!

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Appearance: The first thing you want to look at when evaluating cannabis is its appearance. The buds should be well-formed, trimmed and neat in appearance. Looking closely at the bud, the more crystalline the appearance, the better! Loose buds are undesirable!

Aroma: Upon opening a sealed container of cannabis, the aroma should be extremely pungent. Smelling cannabis can tell you a lot about a strain, like what terpenes it’s likely to contain and whether  it’s been cured properly. Poor quality cannabis will have little aroma and may smell like grass or hay. High-quality cannabis will have a rich, fragrant aroma that you want to smell again and again.

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Moisture: While you may not be able to physically handle most of the cannabis you buy pre-purchase, it’s important to avoid over-dried batches. The outside of the cannabis bud should be crisp and dry, but the center should have stickiness from resin. When snapping a bud in half, it should crack, not crumble. While a cannabis strain may originally test at 20% THC, how it’s stored makes a world of difference. If it’s left out unsealed or stored in a bright, warm place, the potency can degrade rapidly. You may end up with something closer to 16% or less when it finally gets to you!