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Giftable Pre-Rolls for the Old School Cannabis Lover on Your List

Giftable Pre-Rolls for the Old School Cannabis Lover on Your List

Kids today with their dab rigs and fancy vaporizers! Nothing is more old school than passing around or smoking a joint. Historically, the first usage of a cannabis cigarette was recorded around 1856, but surely people had been rolling and smoking cannabis long before that. Although we’ll never be certain, we bet the joint pre-dates the pipe!

Joints are perfect for sharing, are ultra-portable and today’s pre-rolls come in a range of strains to choose from. They make great add-on gifts, host presents, or stand-alone tokens of appreciation for any cannabis lover on your list.

Check out these gift-worthy cannabis cones:


Supernaturals — $25

These packs of beautifully packaged, handcrafted mini cones contain only premium Northern California small-batch flowers, no trim or shake! Available in an ever-changing array of popular strains, each pack contains five cones.

Why we love them:

The hard pack keeps cones from getting crushed.

Smaller size is perfect for smoking alone during flu season.

Always flavorful and potent.

SuperBlunts — $14

Don’t let the name fool you, these super-sized, hand-rolled cones contain 100% pure Northern California craft cannabis! Expertly wrapped in pure hemp, you’ll get a smooth, even burn from these big beauties. Strains vary.

Why we love them:

The larger size is perfect for sharing with friends.

Provides a smooth, naturally flavored smoke.

Impressive size makes us feel like ballers.

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