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Get to Know Your Local Cannabis Farmers!

Get to Know Your Local Cannabis Farmers!

Get to Know Your Local Cannabis Farmers!

If you’re like us, you’re anxiously awaiting our annual 2019 Best of the Harvest collection, soon to be in stores on November 20th. As with past years, this outstanding boxed set features the absolute best Northern California sun-grown cannabis with each of its 28 strains representing one of 28 small, local farms. Our farm partners span the region from Siskiyou to Santa Cruz, taking advantage of the vast range of unique terroirs our part of the state has to offer.


When it comes to selecting our small farm associates, we choose farms that utilize earth-friendly practices like organic and biodynamic farming. For them, growing cannabis is much more than just a cash crop, it’s their family’s livelihood, often for several generations. Our farmers are passionate about the cannabis they produce and are dedicated to producing clean, healthy plants that are rich with natural terpenes and cannabinoids.

We’re committed to working with companies that are good for California and good for local farmers. You won’t find any mass-produced, mega-farm cannabis in our stores, instead, you’ll find superior quality, hand-trimmed buds, and artisanal extracts. When you purchase our Farmer’s Series strains, your money stays here in California, not funneled to Canadian investment groups.

Check out our farmer’s page to see our Farmer’s Series partners. Click through to visit their personal pages to learn more about each farmer, their cultivation methods, their personal stories and what strains are currently in stock.

Explore what our region has to offer. You can even order online for quick pick-up later.

Happy shopping!