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Fruit Salad: 6 Delicious Strains Perfect for Summer

Fruit Salad: 6 Delicious Strains Perfect for Summer

By Zelda Flowers

Summer is officially here come June 20th and for most of us, that means increased opportunities for socializing and activities. The weather is warming and it’s a great time to see old friends and share some cannabis over summer brunch or beach campfires. If you’re been smoking the same strains all winter, it’s time to mix things up. Give yourself a burst of summer energy with these six cannabis strains packed with summer flavor.

Banano: Take a trip to the tropics with Banano. Sweet with the aroma and flavors of ripe tropical fruit, Banano provides a euphoric relaxation perfect for swinging in a hammock under a palm. Sativa dominant, expect a joyful mental vacation with this rich strain. $45 1/8th

Highness Gardens’ Cabbage Patch:
A combination of Cherry Pie and Durban Poison, Cabbage Patch has a sweet earthiness that will complement a host of dishes at potlucks, picnics and family reunions. The energizing effects of this sativa dominant strain will give you the boost you need to get through hikes, pick-up games and heated discussions with your crazy Uncle Roger. $40 1/8th

Honeydew Grow’s Purple Rain: This Sonoma County indica strain is scented with the aroma of succulent summer berries. Light in flavor and body, Purple Rain can help ease social anxiety, giving you a mild mental buzz with moderate body relaxation. Sometimes known to generate a case of the munchies, this chill strain is perfect for weenie roasts by the campfire and late night s’more-fueled philosophical discussions. $55 1/8th

SUMMER PRO TIP: Add fresh mango to your fruit salads and smoothies to gain the benefit of increased THC absorption. Consumed 30 minutes before smoking, mango will allow you to get higher!

Lemon Drop: Fragrant with the scent of fresh Meyer lemons, Lemon Drop is a sweet-and-sour olfactory delight. Euphoric relaxation is the hallmark of this strain, leaving you mellow, floaty and ready to sink into a porch swing with a tall glass of fresh lemonade. Break out the cards and set up a game of Gin Rummy or just sit and watch the world go by. $45 1/8th

Marionberry: Sour berries and fresh pines smell like summertime in parts of Northern California, like the Sonoma Coast where this strain was grown. A cross between Raspberry Kush and Space Queen, the clear-headed but euphoric effects of Marionberry will leave you relaxed and cheerfully sociable. Light some up over a patio brunch with friends and enjoy the resulting stimulating conversation. Go on, get the brioche French toast. You deserve it. $40 1/8th

Starberry: Slightly sweet, mostly sour with hash undertones, Starberry combines the physical relaxation and euphoria of its parent Strawberry Cough with the focused energy of Stardawg to create the ideal atmosphere for a river canoe ride or paddle boat ride around the lake. You’ll be anxiety and stress-free while navigating the wake of those annoying power boaters. $40 1/8th