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Fruit Salad: 5 Fruity Cannabis Strains Perfect for Summer

Fruit Salad: 5 Fruity Cannabis Strains Perfect for Summer

Fresh fruit is one of the many perks of summertime. Luscious peaches, ripe berries and juicy melons are the perfect accompaniment to picnics, barbeques and light summer meals. Fresh and sweet is a theme you can carry through to your cannabis too. There’s an array of strains that are bursting with rich, ripe, fruity lusciousness. Here are five of our favorites:



Sweet and fruity, Banano offers heady euphoria that will leave you floating on sweet, tropical clouds.

Walnut Lane’s Black Lime:

Black Lime 420

If a little sour twist is more your thing, Walnut Lane’s Black Lime is just the strain you need. It’s the perfect garnish for your favorite summer beverages. Great mental energy!

Farmacy Phactory’s Peach Face:

Peach Face

Sweet and tangy, Farmacy Phactory’s Peach Face will send you to a dreamy, stress-free, happy place. Pairs perfectly with anything barbequed or fried.

Cherry Pie:

Walnut Lane's Cherry Pie

Fresh cherry pie is pure summer treasure. That holds true for the cannabis strain as well. Potent and calming, this strain often smells of sour cherries. Make this strain your new summer dessert!

Heart Rock Farm’s Blueberry Afghani:

Blueberry Afghani

Sweet, fruity and highly potent, Heart Rock Farm’s Blueberry Afghani offers high-grade pain- and stress-relief. Enjoy a la mode.