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Flying High in California: Can I Fly with Cannabis?

Flying High in California: Can I Fly with Cannabis?

The holidays are upon us and if you’re like most Californians, you’re probably doing some travel this season. Cannabis is legal in California, so you may assume that it’s okay to travel with eight ounces or less (the state limit) throughout the state regardless of the travel method even if flying.  

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Truthfully, it’s more complicated than that. Ultimately, TSA has the final say. TSA is ruled by federal not state law and sees no distinction between medical and illegal cannabis. While they are not actively looking for cannabis, should they come across it during a normal security screening, it will be up to a TSA agent as to whether you can bring it on the plane.

Not having any firsthand knowledge of traveling through rumored cannabis-friendly airports like San Francisco and Oakland, it’s recommended to use caution, pack your cannabis discretely and travel with the minimum amount needed for your trip.