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Ale De la Torre is a Mexican artist. She studied visual arts and graphic design. Her current work consists of a mixture of traditional drawing and painting with a touch of digital art, but she also enjoys working on each technique separately. In addition to her personal work, she does freelance illustration, graphic design and art direction.Her work is inspired by Mexican culture, dreams and nightmares, literature, science and nature. Music is also an essential ingredient in her work, she like many musical genres, but what she enjoys the most while working is jazz. Frequent topics of her works revolve around femininity, creatures, botany and all kind of emotions.

This image is about the dream of a shaman, a witch, a curandera who has the ability to communicate with the dead, to cure through the use of medicinal herbs and to make astral projections. In her dream, she gets into her own conscience and in this introspection she becomes fire, she is order and chaos. In the middle of a lagoon, accompanied by duality, she hangs her medicinal herbs on a circular pentagram and as a plant collector, she keeps spores and seeds in her body to grow flowers and mushrooms. In her dreams she communicates with the dead, sees through other eyes and comes back to heal with the magic of plants.

Ale won $15,000 with this piece and chose the International Red Cross to donate the additional $10,000 charity prize to.

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