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First Class Concentrates

First Class Concentrates

Stop by OrganiCann, MendoCann and Oakland Organics and pick up some new melts from First Class Concentrates!

Ghost Commander Shatter 

Ghost Commander Shatter is an indica dominant full-melt that provides the balance of effects you need for relief from anxiety, depression, moderate aches and pains and nausea. Sometimes you just need to sit back and laugh so hard you cry, and this melt can help. In larger doses, she can be rather sedative, making her great for bed time!

Ghost Train Haze Sugar

This sugar is delicious smelling and tasting, as sugar waxes tend to be. Her citrus-like sweetness envelopes you in an uplifting euphoria, great for battling depression and discomfort. Try this sativa dominant melt to enhance daytime activities.

Black Lime Reserve Sap

Delivering a potent punch to pain and nausea, Black Lime Reserve Sap is an ideal evening option for pain relief. Her effects wrap your body in warm relaxation with a smooth and tasty smoke!

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