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Finding The Right Strain

Finding The Right Strain

Cannabis is an amazing plant! Each strain can provide a completely different experience to each person. Some strains are energizing, providing uplift and creativity. Some strains are instantly sedating, a polar opposite, making you sleepy and ready for bed. It’s the many different and amazing effects that make cannabis so unique and so helpful.

When trying to find the right strain for your needs keep a couple things in mind.

First, everyone processes the chemicals present in cannabis differently. We all have an entire system in our bodies that is responsible for processing these chemicals, and just like some of us find certain foods amazing, and others not so much, you may experience a strain differently from your friends and family.

Second, try keeping a log of strains you have tried. Just because one strain was overwhelming, or underwhelming, doesn’t mean there isn’t a form of cannabis out there that can help you.

Most important of all…don’t be afraid to ask questions! All of our cannabaristas are knowledgable, and bring both personal experience and recomendations of all our members to their advice.

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