Farmacy Phactory

Farmacy Phactory

Farmacy Phactory is a family-run farm  in the heart of Mendocino County which utilizes organic practices and traditional techniques.

Currently Available

  • Sour OG
    Hybrid S/I

    Farmacy Phactory’s Sour OG

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    Type: Sativa/Indica

    Aroma/Flavor: This beautiful strain possesses a sweet and zesty citrus aroma with notes of peppery spice. It has a sour and spice-like note to its smoke.

    Typical Effects: This hybrid will dole cerebrally heavy effects. It starts by providing an immediate boost of energy paired with an uplift in mood. It can drive creativity and motivation, lending a hand to social outings and other daily activities. Its strong cerebral effects combine with a warm and tingly body. It leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, tension drifting away, but is not overly sedating, allowing you to remain functional. Choose this strain for daytime bliss or weekend activities!

    Strain History: Sour Diesel X OG Kush

  • LD Peach Face
    Hybrid I/S

    Farmacy Phactory’s Peach Face

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    Flavor/Aroma: This unique strain offers hints of fuel-like aromas, mixed together with an underlying sweet and sour mixture. Its flavors are similarly sweet with a slightly sour kick at the end.

    Typical Effects: This indica dominant hybrid can offer a wash of dreamy effects. What begins as a soft warmth to mind and body, slowly sinks to a calm euphoria and deep relaxation. The wonderful aspect of this strain’s hybrid genetics is its functional cerebral high, which allows you to stay focused and alert while still feeling completely at ease and pain-free. 

    Appellation: Mendocino

    Strain History: Doc’s OG X Mango Tango


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