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Farmer Spotlight: Mendocino’s Redwood Remedies Specializes in Rare and Unique Cannabis Strains

Farmer Spotlight: Mendocino’s Redwood Remedies Specializes in Rare and Unique Cannabis Strains

Classic cannabis strains are classic for a reason; they provide a solid experience for the majority of users. Strains like Sour Diesel and GSC aren’t going anywhere. But for those who are drawn to the exotic and unusual, Redwood Remedies is the farm you should be watching. Their one-of-a-kind gene portfolio showcases some outstanding hybrids, some of which may soon become cult favorites with those lucky enough to try them.

Redwood Remedies specializes in developing unique hybrids and is a Mendocino favorite thanks to their clean, healthy cannabis and ever-growing portfolio of rare and unusual strains. All their strains are Clean Green Certified, meaning they meet or exceed the rigorous program outlines for organic, sustainable cannabis cultivation.

Just check out some recent photos of their stunning plants: Instagram @REDWOODREMEDIES

Here are some of the potent and delicious Redwood Remedies strains currently in stock:

Tractor Beam ($14-$45)

envelopes users in a dreamy, euphoric haze perfect for eliminating stress as well as easing physical discomfort and pain.

Banana Fire OG ($45)

is a fruity, sweet strain that’s as flavorful as it is potent. It creates a carefree attitude and inspires vivid creative thinking.

King’s Stash ($50)

Kings Stash

is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s made for relaxation. A solid choice for evening use due to its sedative qualities, you can look forward to pain relief and a good night’s sleep.

Banana Daydream ($55)

Banana Daydream

is another indica-dominant hybrid but one that first provides a euphoric, energetic cerebral buzz. Its initial onset will leave you feeling sociable and ready to go, but be prepared for the body-numbing, serenity that comes later.

You can learn more about this small-batch, Northern California cannabis cultivator here on our Farmer’s Series page:

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