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Dabbing Etiquette 101

Dabbing Etiquette 101

Who would you want to dab this tasty melt with?

Sometimes it’s great to smoke together. Some strains provide great social stimulation, making group activities easier to enjoy, especially for those suffering from social anxiety.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you can ensure a clean and polite dabbing experience with friends.

  • Don’t let your eyes fool you, take a dab that you know you can handle. Taking too large of a dab and gunking up the nail with leftover oil can be messy, stinky and terrible tasting without proper cleaning. Pack a dab the right size for you. There should be no need to try and impress your friends.
  • Be aware of your tolerance level. If you are new to dabbing, take it slow. No one likes being overly medicated, and it can make everyone uncomfortable.
  • Always contribute to the group. It’s great if you have a friend that’s willing to let you try some of their melts, but it’s always proper etiquette to bring your own and return the favor!
  • Clean your rig! Clean rigs with clean water make a phenomenal difference in ease of draw, flavor and overall enjoyment for the group!
  • Keep an eye on butane levels, it’s never good to run out of butane mid smoke session.
  • Be respectful of other people’s rigs. Glassware is expensive, don’t be clumsy!
  • Keep the area clean. Oil sticks to EVERYTHING, and it’s not an easy thing to clean. Use alcohol wipes between dabs so you aren’t spreading germs. Try using dab mats to catch those accidental drips.

So there are a few simple tips to make dabbing more enjoyable for everyone.

Dab responsibly and happy medicating!

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