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Dab of the Day: Natural Nectars Blue Cheese

Dab of the Day: Natural Nectars Blue Cheese

This indica-dominant, solvent-free concentrate is a popular favorite with our dab-happy clients! Our Natural Nectars Blue Cheese ($35/gram) is expertly crafted from lusciously sticky Blue Cheese plants, grown locally, naturally and sustainably. Utmost care has been taken to preserve valuable terpenes and cannabinoids for superior potency and flavor.

Blue Cheese is a cross of Blueberry and original UK Cheese strains, known for its incredible sweet and savory aroma and heavy physical sedation. Its aroma is sweet with ripe berry notes, tinged with the robust sharpness of fine cheese.

Natural Nectar

Natural Nectars Blue Cheese provides euphoric relaxation that will leave you peaceful and happy. Perfect for relieving stress after a difficult day, a dab of this will let you forget your cares and worry. Its powerful physical properties will relieve pain and discomfort, reducing inflammation and helping those with chronic pain. Paired with its sedative effects, Blue Cheese makes a great choice for bedtime, helping you fall and stay asleep.

Reserve this strain for after work, weekends or before bed. It’s not the strain for getting things done. Instead, you’ll want to curl up on the couch and get cozy with your favorite movies or TV shows for several hours. Or, perhaps take a nap.


Natural Nectars Blue Cheese is perfect for forgetting about a terrible day, binge-watching sessions, a mellow night in with your partner and a night-cap for a great night’s sleep.

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