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Curator Introduces High Art 2017!

Curator Introduces High Art 2017!

Per the Urban Dictionary, the word “vibe” is the synonym of the word “vibration,” defined as

“a distinctive emotional atmosphere and a feeling sensed intuitively.”

That sounds about right. An intuitive sense, a sensation that is felt, but not really something

that can be described by words.

That’s how I feel when I look at an amazing piece of art.

A good vibe. A bad vibe. An inert vibe. A nothing vibe.

But a vibe nonetheless.

I feel.

When I connect with a piece of art, I feel an intuitive sense that the artist understands me,

that our senses have met, that we are one in love for the expression of the work. When we

don’t connect, I can sometimes still feel an appreciation for the beautiful outpouring.

Welcome artists, to High Art 2017, the first and only global cannabis inspired art contest

presented by The Natural Cannabis Company and Juxtapoz Magazine.

This is our fourth year of asking artists from around the globe to take to their favorite

creation space, take a puff to invoke the ganja muse and lay down the inspiration she evokes.

Our theme this year is psychedelia and its sister, surrealism; two art movements that share

much in common.

Some argued that choosing psychedelia as a theme may make people equate it to different

mind expanding drugs like LSD and mushrooms, but I protested!

Have you ever eaten a brownie, space cake or cookie and stepped through the looking glass?

I certainly have!

I have had many psychedelic experiences flying high on a cookie because cannabis can and

will make one go psychedelic. I am living proof.

Your mission is to create a psychedelic/surrealistic experience on paper (print), in a

photograph or in a one minute or less video. This piece should relate directly with your

psychedelic/surrealistic cannabis experience; artistically express how you feel when you go

psychedelic and surreal from cannabis.

Get crazy!! Get colorful!! Bend your mind on the stairway to heaven!!

This is all for fun and for the love of cannabis.

As part of the contest, we will use your art for our packaging and marketing. We shamelessly

use our entrants stunning art to promote our ultra-amazing cannabis products (but we always

credit the artist). We’re very proud of what we do and we want you to be proud too.

If you are in the chosen top thirty, we promote you and your art for the entire year via

marketing, packaging, emails, booklets and art shows.

Last year we even took your art to one of the nation’s most prestigious art events, Art Basel in


We want you to be a part of our group of past and future cannabis loving artists that

participate in the contest. We want to showcase and promote you and your art. We want you

to succeed.

Our contest is still in its early years and we’re still working out the kinks. Just know that if

and when a problem arises, we work hard to resolve it. A global contest of this size is a huge

challenge but one we gladly accept. We aim to give each submission the same amount of care

and consideration. Please be patient with us during our growth. 2017 brings new categories

and even more prize money – and that means more entries! Please be patient with us and

know we’re working to make things as smooth and effortless as possible.

OK … that’s that… let the contest and the fun begin!

We honor you.

Good luck!!

xo Dona