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Craft Cannabis Strains for Every Mood

Craft Cannabis Strains for Every Mood

Cannabis is an amazing plant. It offers a wealth of mental and physical benefits that range from reducing seizures to helping you sleep. Cannabis can also erase stress and all the crummy feelings you’re carrying around from a long, difficult day. It can change your mood dramatically or, if you’re already in a good mood, it can enhance it, making everything funnier, brighter, more captivating and more comfortable. Some strains complement certain moods better than others. Here are our recommendations for whatever mood you’re in!



Sweet and fruity Banano ($45) offers heady euphoria that will leave you floating on sweet, tropical clouds. Enjoy this strain when everything’s okay and enjoy thorough contentment, mind and body.


Do Rios OD Black Kush

If you’re irritable after a trying day, give Dos Rios Farm’s Black Kush ($25). Fast-acting and calming, it will release the tension in your body as well as your mind. Smoke this strain and relax into a peaceful evening.



Farmacy Phactory’s Chemsicle ($45) is the perfect complement to a positive and energetic mood. Its peppy energy and heady euphoria will fill your mind with creative and inspiring ideas. Not in a fantastic mood already? Chemsicle can get you there!


Greenshock’s Sour Apples ($30) gives your mood an immediate jolt with its deliciously potent cerebral high and excited body buzz. Even if you’re clear down in the dumps, this joyous strain can lift you up and put you on your feet again.


Blue Dream 1000

Walnut Lane’s Blue Dream ($35) is a powerful and inspiring strain that will stretch the limits of your imagination. Enjoy fast-acting euphoric bliss and don’t forget to take notes on your brilliant ideas!