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Congratulations David Of Euphlora™

Congratulations David Of Euphlora™!

This weekend, the Natural Cannabis Company backpack crew packed up and headed down to Victorville, CA. for the annual Chalice Festival! 

The backpack crew, accompanied by David, of the extract company Euphlora™, cruised the California roads south in the new company High Art vans, which drew the attention of nearly every passerby and were greeted by excited honks and peace signs along the way.

This was an epic maiden voyage for the vans, but also for David. This was David’s first entry to a cannabis cup of any kind and only his second visit to one at all, so the entire experience was new territory! Braving the 113 degree weather was the first hurdle for everyone, but it was completely worth it!

David, who has been a long time vendor with Natural Cannabis Company, providing his brilliant Master Yoda Kush for years, entered a non-solvent, cold water extracted full-melt by the name of Master Yoda Kush ‘tobiko’.

This incredibly potent and uplifting extract went on to place not only 1st in “Highest THC Non-Solvent” but also 3rd in “Best Non-Solvent” at this year’s Chalice festival, which is known to have incredibly strict entry standards and testing policies.

It was an honor to share this experience with David.

We want to congratulate David and all of Euphlora™ on their win, and wish them many more in the future!

If you are as eager to try this award-winning concentrate as we were, you wont have to wait long! Expect to see a limited supply of  Euphlora’s™ Master Yoda Kush ‘tobiko’ on the shelves at all Natural Cannabis Company locations in the next few days!