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How to Clean your Cannabis Glassware

How to Clean your Cannabis Glassware

Cleaning your glassware regularly will improve your smoking experience tenfold. The improved flavor of cannabis, when smoked out of clean glass, makes for a more satisfying experience and you may find you smoke less when it tastes better!  You don’t need anything fancy to clean your gear. You may already have what you need in your medicine cabinet.

Glass Pipes: All you really need to clean your glass pipes is a bit of rubbing alcohol. ISO alcohol is available everywhere, from the local drugstore to

Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe the bowl out. Place the pipe in a container, such as a juice glass, small bowl or even a plastic baggie. Add rubbing alcohol.

Pour it in the bowl or down the stem making sure that the entirety of the bowl is filled. Let it soak for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Empty the alcohol from the pipe and use pipe cleaners and Q-tips to scrub out the remaining resin. Rinse with water and dry.

Tip: wind a pipe cleaner around a pen to create a corkscrew shape. Gently pull to slightly lengthen. Insert into the mouthpiece and rotate to scrape residue from the pipe stem.

Water Pipes AKA Bongs: You can buy expensive glass cleaner online or at your local head shop, but again, all you really need to clean your bong is rubbing alcohol and coarse salt.

Empty your bong of water and allow to dry. Add a small amount of salt and some alcohol. Allow soaking.

Cover the openings and give it a good shake and swirl. Empty out the alcohol and salt, rinse with clean water and dry. Be sure to replace your bong water every 24 hours to prevent potential bacterial growth and foul odors.

Enjoy the taste of fresh, clean, delicious cannabis!