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Checking Out Natural Cannabis Company’s High Society Omni Box

Checking Out Natural Cannabis Company’s High Society Omni Box

by Zelda Flowers

ICYMI, High Society is a premium cannabis subscription box program created by Natural Cannabis Company. Each quarter they release gorgeous boxes stuffed with incredible cannabis products that are only available to members. Membership is free and the boxes are priced below retail which basically makes it a no-brainer if you love high quality cannabis.

The program recently expanded to include more options for members. They added three new boxes to appeal to clients who prefer only one type of product – concentrates, flowers or edibles, but the classic assortment, now named the Omni Box, is still their most popular seller. Here’s a quick peek at what’s included in this quarter’s release.


Ultra Violence by Indy Boys, 1/8th I>S

This Ultra Violence by Indy Boys is vying for one of the best strains of 2017. It’s fragrant, delicious and best of all, highly potent!

Light Dep Cherry AK by Healing Herb Farms, 1/8th S>I

A beautiful cherry aroma is the hallmark of this strain. This light dep version is fruity, flavorful and provides a fun, energetic euphoria.

Forbidden Fruit by Libra Seeds, gram I>S

Grown in the Napa Valley by Libra Seeds, Forbidden Fruit is a perfect blend of sweet and sour citrus. The result is a beautifully balanced, tasty hybrid perfect for relaxation.

Blazing Oaks’ Dry Sift Cone

This hefty cone contains more than a full gram of Urklewreck flowers plus .3 grams of dry sift. It’s great for sharing!

Trilogy Cone by Natural Cannabis Company

Trilogy Blog

Another full-size cone stuffed with incredible cannabis, the Trilogy Cone by Natural Cannabis Company contains Tony Cliffton flowers hand-glazed with Berry White Co2 oil and coated with Cabbage Patch kief by local artisan cultivator, Highness Gardens.



Lemon Bread Rosin by AYA, ½ gram

A delicious citrusy rosin provided by small batch concentrate producer AYA of Sonoma County.

Boost Ice Wax by French Laundry, gram

This solventless ice wax from French Laundry provides a smooth and refreshing smoke with the flavors of citrus and mint.

Master Kush Wet Sift Crumble by Euphlora, ½ gram

A potent and delicious wet sift crumble from local creator Euphlora, winner of Highest THC and Best Non-Solvent at the prestigious Secret Cup.


Lord Jones 5:1 CBD All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops


A box of nine CBD-rich gumdrops by Lord Jones is . Delicious and fruity, the 10 mg dose makes it easy to incrementally medicate.

Free Gift

Natural Cannabis Company Cooler Bag

Natural Cannabis Company always throws in a high quality free gift. This month it’s an insulated cooler tote. The large size and light weight make it perfect for the park or beach.

You get all of the above, plus the beautiful sacred geometry box it’s housed in for the High Society rate of $243. Now, that’s a deal!

You can sign up HERE!