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Cannabis Treats to Satisfy Your Halloween Candy Cravings

Cannabis Treats to Satisfy Your Halloween Candy Cravings

Halloween is all about the candy! And, it’s such a conundrum. You want to buy enough so you don’t run out and must confront sad-faced trick-or-treaters, but not so much that you’re swimming in candy for days afterward. Should you buy candy you like knowing that you’ll eat more of it or buy candy you don’t like knowing you’ll eat that too but enjoy it much less?

This year you can skip snacking on the kids’ candy and pick up some delicious, decidedly adult treats for yourself instead.

For fans of Reese’s:

Peanut Butter Cup Single Serve

Skip the traditional version and try this chocolatey, cannabis-infused Peanut Butter Cup ($7) instead. Each delicious cup contains 10mg THC from pure C02 extracted cannabis oil. Always a winning combination!

For Rice Krispy Treats lovers:

Rice Crispy Single Serve

You’ll love our infused Rice Crispy single ($7), a grown-up take on a childhood favorite. Gooey marshmallow and crispy rice cereal hold 10mg THC within. Enjoy this timeless classic!

For the Rolos enthusiasts:

Chocolate Covered Caramel Single Serve

Chocolate and caramel, a classic flavor combination that often finds its way into trick-or-treat bags in the form of foil-wrapped Rolos. Try the Natural Cannabis Company infused Chocolate Covered Caramel ($7) with 10mg THC to satisfy this craving.

For Hershey’s Chocolate devotees:

100 Bar Web1

Some people don’t need all the extra “stuff” in their chocolate. They love a great chocolate bar. We’ve got you covered with the rich, artisanal chocolate in our Natural Cannabis Company 100 Bar ($20). Available in a perfectly plain dark chocolate or choose from popular options like toffee, raspberry, and almond. Each bar contains 100mg THC in easy-break squares so you can find your perfect dose or share with friends!

Our edibles department is loaded with all types of treats perfect for adult Halloween parties or gatherings. Stop by or shop online for easy in-store pick-up!