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Cannabis Transdermal Patches Could Be Your Ticket to Pain Relief

Cannabis Transdermal Patches Could Be Your Ticket to Pain Relief

Cannabis Transdermal Patches Could Be Your Ticket to Pain Relief

Using a patch to deliver medicine is hardly new. People use transdermal patches for everything from quitting cigarettes to taking heart medication. The concept is simple. A patch is loaded with medicinal substance and applied to the skin, then the medication is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. Because absorption isn’t the most efficient method of medicating, it’s perfect for slow, steady doses over a longer period.

Transdermal patches infused with cannabis are gaining popularity in a big way, especially with athletes and those living active lifestyles. For people seeking pain relief from conditions like a twisted ankle or inflamed elbow, a cannabis transdermal patch is ideal for provided localized relief as well as delivering healing doses of cannabis. But it’s not just for sporting types, transdermal patches can be helpful when recovering from surgery or for treating other conditions, especially those causing inflammation.

When vaping or smoking cannabis, the effects are felt right away in a big rush that tapers off over a fairly short period of time, typically around 30-90 minutes. Transdermal patches give a steady dose of medication over a long period of time, often as much as 12 hours. If you’re not sure if the dose is right for you, you can always start with half a patch and see how it goes.

Another benefit of transdermal patches is that they’re fast acting. Unlike edibles which can take up to an hour or more, transdermal patches take effect within 15-30 minutes, which is great if you need fast full-body relief!

Researchers are hopeful that cannabis patches can replace the need for opiates in some patients and reduce the overall number of opiate-related deaths that plague our country. Cannabis transdermal patches are a discreet, inexpensive and effective way to medicate and come in different formulas.

Check out Mary’s Medicinals’ Transdermal Patches ($10), each patch provides 8-12 hours of pain relief and can be purchased in 6 different formulas, CBD, 1:1, CBN, THCa, indica and sativa. If you need help selecting the right patch, just ask one of our staff for assistance.

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