Cannabis Saves Lives!

Cannabis Saves Lives!
June 6, 2019 Noa

Cannabis Saves Lives! Study Shows Workplace Fatalities are Reduced in Cannabis-Legal States

A recent study of reports compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has good news for employees in cannabis-legal states! The study looked at statistics from all 50 states and DC before concluding that legalizing cannabis actually makes the workplace safer. During initial legalization, expected deaths in workers age 25-44 fell by nearly 20%, this increased to 33.7% after five years of medical cannabis laws being implemented.

With 29 states now featuring some form of cannabis legalization, this is good news for workers and employers! Although further studies are required, it’s suspected that the decline in fatal accidents is likely due to a reduction of alcohol and opiate use for treatment of conditions like pain and insomnia.

So much for the idea that cannabis potentially makes the workplace more dangerous! 


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