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Cannabis Grow Tip: Treat Mildew Naturally With Baking Soda

Cannabis Grow Tip: Treat Mildew Naturally With Baking Soda

White powdery mildew is a common problem that plagues novice and advanced growers alike. This flour-like blight can destroy your plants and cause health problems if ingested.

What it is: White Powdery Mildew also known as White Powdery Mold is a variety of fungal species that can affect cannabis plants.

Why it happens: White Powdery Mildew spores can come from many common sources, brought in from the outdoors on clothing, plants or animal fur. Once introduced, it flourishes in warm, humid conditions.

How to identify it: White spots appearing on cannabis leaves that look similar to flour.

How to treat it: There are many ways to treat White Powdery Mildew but most gardeners prefer natural and organic methods. One treatment you probably already have in your kitchen is baking soda. Mix one tablespoon per quart of water and apply with a spray bottle. Thoroughly coat leaves, branches and stalk until they are dripping. Repeat every 7-10 days as needed or as a preventative measure.

Why it works: Sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda changes the PH balance making it impossible for fungi to survive and grow.

How to prevent it:

Keep plants pruned, trimmed and in a well-ventilated area to promote air circulation.

Space plants so they have room to grow. Crowded grow areas are prime for disease.

Use dehumidifiers for indoor spaces with high humidity.

Plant mildew-resistant strains.