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How Cannabis Can Help Trauma Victims

How Cannabis Can Help Trauma Victims

Many Californians have suffered trauma of varying degrees in the last week due to the devastation caused by wildfires throughout the state. Trauma can come from many places; natural disasters, crime, combat or severe accidents. The long-term effects of trauma are called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Cannabis has been proven helpful in combatting the symptoms of PTSD, which can be highly distressing and life-disrupting to the sufferer. Cannabis can also help in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event. Here’s how:

Cannabis is calming. Immediately after an event where you fear for your life or the life of a loved one, your heart is racing, adrenaline courses through your body and your mind is overloaded with information. Cannabis can help provide an immediate sense of wellbeing and calmness, slowing things down so you can regain your composure. Many people regularly use cannabis for treating anxiety.

It combats insomnia. It’s not unusual to have a hard time falling asleep your first night after a terrible event. You may find that your mind won’t stop racing or replaying the event over and over. You may wake up multiple times and be unable to fall back asleep. Cannabis, or more specifically, Cannabis indica can help. Indica dominant strains often have powerful sedative effects that will help you relax and fall asleep.

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Cannabis can help regulate your mood. With the jumble of emotion going on inside, it’s no wonder that trauma victims can be prone to mood swings or irritability. Cannabis can help stabilize your mood while making it easier to process incoming information without overreacting.

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It helps you connect with others. No one says you must share, but the communal atmosphere of enjoying cannabis with others can help those withdrawn from trauma feel a sense of connection again. The relaxation and lowered inhibitions caused by cannabis can make it easier to talk about feelings or the event without panic and help you gain some new perspective that may make it easier to heal. Cannabis opens the mind to new possibilities.

If you or someone you know is suffering from recent trauma, there is help available. For more information, please visit The Help Guide.