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Cannabis and Mindfulness: A Helping Hand for Staying in the Moment

Cannabis and Mindfulness: A Helping Hand for Staying in the Moment

Cannabis and Mindfulness: A Helping Hand for Staying in the Moment

You may have heard the term mindfulness recently; it’s a hot topic in psychology circles. Mindfulness is simply a way to promote awareness, of being present in the moment. Most of us spend our mental time thinking about the past, events that have happened, conversations we’ve had, etc. or the future, things to come, our hopes and expectations of events or interactions. The purpose of mindfulness is to cease this backward-forward thinking and be fully engaged in the present. Mindfulness is a key element to meditation but not exclusive to it. Several disciplines use mindfulness as a tool, such as tai chi and yoga, but you can also practice it during your morning shower, a massage or washing dishes in the sink.

Much more than a new age movement, mindfulness has proven psychological benefits. Decreased rumination is one such benefit, which is dwelling on negative feelings or interactions. In one study, participants who practiced 10-minute intensive mindfulness sessions daily reported fewer depressive symptoms and decreased rumination in addition to improved memory and ability to focus!

Many studies have shown being aware of your own mind reduces stress and decreased anxiety. It also reduces emotional reactivity, increases cognitive flexibility and even improves relationship satisfaction!

So, how can cannabis help increase this? The CBD in cannabis has a calming effect on the mind, even without the addition of its sister cannabinoid THC. It can help relieve anxiety and free obsessive thoughts to prepare the mind for awareness practice. A CBD-rich or balanced strain can give you a head start on the stress relief promised by mindfulness by getting you to a place where your mind is able to release the day’s irritations. Some people prefer high THC and that’s okay too.

Activities that incorporate mindfulness often promote a sense of well-being while activating our own endocannabinoid systems. A little cannabis can boost this effect. The combination of yoga and cannabis for example can be a transcendental experience for some. Likewise, the combination of vigorous exercise, like a quiet hike through the redwoods, produces its own endorphins which when combined with cannabis can make one feel even more connected with nature.

Essentially when it comes to using cannabis to supplement mindfulness, intent is key. Why are you adding cannabis? Is it to relax your mind prior to practice? Or for its mind-expanding properties? Or maybe it’s to relieve pain and discomfort so you’re free to focus. Let it be a tool for helping you with prayer, meditation, self-reflection or simply appreciating the moment.

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