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Cannabis – A Basic Anatomy

Cannabis – A Basic Anatomy

Have you ever wondered what makes a Cannabis plant tick? There are a few key parts of the plant that play the most important roles in its ability to grow into a beautiful and potent wonder:


Pistils are the “hairs” you can clearly see in the picture above. Often these “hairs” present themselves as fiery tendrils, reaching out from a trimmed nug. They play little to no role in the potency or flavor of the flower. Their role starts much earlier than harvest, where they reach out to grab the pollen needed to mature correctly. They do add quite the aesthetic appeal though!


A Cola (sometimes referred to as the Terminal Bud) is the tight cluster where the flower blooms. The main Cola can be found at the top of the plant, however; multiple growing techniques are often used to increase the number of colas on a plant to help increase the yield.


The calyxes are tear-shaped glands found under the small leaves of the plant. These nodules contain a vast majority of the cannabinoids in cannabis, making them very important!


Trichomes are found all over. Look closely and you will see the crystal-like glaze that often coats a really tasty looking bud. The trichomes ooze terpenes and cannabinoids, directly affecting the way a flower will taste, smell and, of course, their potency!

There are many other important parts to the cannabis plant, but for know we will stick to these simple staples.

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