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Best Of The Harvest

We like to celebrate Autumn in style, and that means it's time for our annual Best of the Harvest box release!

Are you ready for the 7th ANNUAL Best of the Harvest 28-Gram sampler box?

Think of it as a 28-course meal at the French Laundry; 28 bottles of the finest Bordeaux or a terpine-to-terroir tour of the Emerald Triangle. For newer smokers, these flowers are an education in the range of colors, smells, trichromes and flavors. For vets, the box is a solid geography lesson.

Each year, our team of expert cannabis curators take in a selection of the best strains of the annual harvest from dozens of full-sun farms from around the Emerald Triangle.

All entries are then judged in a blind test by a group of over a dozen cannabis enthusiasts to determine the year’s top 28 strains of harvest!

Each of those unique strains are then packaged into a collector’s box comprised of 28 separate grams that we truly believe represent the absolute best of Northern California’s yearly sun-grown harvest!

Usually we host our Harvest Party in November, inviting all the included farms, entrants and our High Society Members to mingle at an all-you-can-smoke gathering. However, it is with a heavy heart that we must, yet again, limit this gathering to a farmer invite-only celebration in an effort to keep everyone healthy and happy.

Keep your eyes peeled, because the 2021 Best of the Harvest 28-Gram Sampler, packaged in an absolutely stunning, lockable, resin-coated High Art, wooden box will be available in limited supplies just in time for the holidays!


Must be 21 or over and a California resident to purchase a Best of the Harvest box. Boxes must be picked up in person, no shipping. *