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Best of the Harvest Farmer Spotlight: Blazing Oaks Farms

Best of the Harvest Farmer Spotlight: Blazing Oaks Farms

Best of the Harvest Farmer Spotlight: Blazing Oaks Farms

Multi-generational Blazing Oaks Farms is a longtime producer of world-class, small-batch cannabis. Located in southern Mendocino County’s Sanel Highlands, their family has been farming cannabis since the 1960s and were always part of the counterculture movement.

Blazing Oaks Homestead Cannabis

Still operating on the original family homestead, Blazing Oaks Farms focuses on sustainable agriculture and uses a living soil approach to cultivation which emphasizes minimal/no-till soil practices and using locally sourced organic soil amendments. They specialize in organic, outdoor craft cannabis strains, several of which have ended up in our annual Best of the Harvest collections!

The delicious Watermelon Rancher, one of Blazing Oaks Farms’ signature strains, was featured in the first Natural Cannabis Company Best of the Harvest collection in 2016. They continue to produce fantastic tasting and powerful cannabis strains that leave clients wanting more.

Will another Blazing Oaks Farms strain make it into our 2019 Best of the Harvest box? You’ll just have to wait and see!

What’s in Stock Now:

Light Dep Urkle Wreck: Urkle Wreck’s effects are thoroughly relaxing and a great option for full-body pain relief. A short onset of effects makes it a perfect evening strain for those looking to unwind and be utterly carefree.

Chem Twist: Potent and long-lasting, this kush hybrid is hazy, lazy and happy. It can offer a strong mental uplift without causing too much fatigue.

Pink Cookies: This incredibly delicious strain will leave you warm and tingly like a good romantic comedy.

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