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Beat Holiday Stress with These 4 Cannabis Strains

Beat Holiday Stress with These 4 Cannabis Strains

It would nice if the holidays were only about visiting with friends and relatives, stuffing our faces and watching TV specials, but for many of us, the holidays brings a whole lot of stress too. Financial stress, emotional stress, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the demands of the season. Don’t forget to practice some good self-care, starting with a few hits of premium cannabis to erase those cares and worries and unburden the mind. Put your feet up with a nice cup of hot cider or cocoa, switch on a relaxing holiday show and spark up one of these stress-relieving strains:

Greenshock Farms’ Outdoor Tropical Oranges ($10-$30):

GS Outdoor Tropical Oranges

This yummy outdoor strain smells like sweet oranges and citrus, which is a known mood-booster! Tropical Oranges is a sativa hybrid and thus a good daytime or afternoon option when you still have things to do or want to remain alert and focused albeit significantly less stressed. This is a good strain to enjoy before a stressful activity like Christmas shopping.

Highness Gardens’ Cabbage Patch ($16-$55):

Cabbage Patch

Another sativa-dominant hybrid, Cabbage Patch will erase worry and anxiety and replace it with euphoric happiness. This strain is earthy and sweet and pairs perfectly with a steaming cup of cocoa with whipped cream! Cabbage Patch will leave you feeling great without fatigue and couchlock.

501 OG ($14-$45):

501 OG

This mysterious indica-dominant strain has a sweet pine aroma and a smooth, enjoyable smoke. 501 OG eradicates aches and pains, frees the mind from stress and leaves you in dreamy euphoria. It’s a great strain for unwinding at the end of a hard day.

Up North’s Wedding Cake ($50):

Wedding Cake

This heavy indica-dominant strain is exactly what you need for a peaceful evening and great night’s sleep. Wedding Cake is sweet and fruit, providing instant mood elevation and happiness. Curl up with a holiday movie on the couch with your sweetie (or your pets) and forget about the real world for a while.