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Automation – Big Cannabis is Coming for Your Jobs

Automation – Big Cannabis is Coming for Your Jobs

Automation – Big Cannabis is Coming for Your Jobs

The cannabis job market is a tough one to track. While government reports can give accurate numbers for employment in industries like banking or law enforcement, cannabis jobs are often hidden in other employment categories like agriculture, manufacturing, marketing, and such. Each year the market continues to expand, growing as much as 110% annually and with all that green money pouring from this lucrative product, it’s no surprise industrial cannabis firms are forming to make massive profits.

The impact of these multi-state, multi-national companies on communities is quite negative, including the decimation of many struggling cannabis farms. As demand increases, corporations are looking for cost-cutting ways to increase profits and automation is the answer. Instead of hiring a team of employees to hand-trim cannabis, you can purchase a machine that whirs through huge batches of cannabis in the time it would take humans to achieve less. The benefit is in “reducing manpower,” ie: eliminating humans from the equation altogether. Not only does automated trimming eliminate jobs but it increases the risk of cross-contamination; running multiple batches without fully cleaning the machine in between can lead to adulterated product. It’s not just trimming that can be automated either. In some large grow operations, human hands rarely, if ever, touch the plants at all.

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There will always be a market for industrial cannabis too, especially among companies mass-producing related products like extracts, edibles, etc.. No one cares if the cannabis is below par when you have 2 million units to fill. But here at the Natural Cannabis Company, quality is our primary concern. We’re committed to providing our clients with the absolute best cannabis available, all grown locally in Northern California, with 90% of what we sell coming from small farms throughout the region.

Once procured, any cannabis we take in is hand-trimmed a second time to ensure every bud is the best it can be before packaging securely for sale. Our talented trimmers are part of the NCC family, and their expertise and skill prevent over-trimming and preserves delicate terpenoids and cannabinoids. Cannabis flowers aren’t meant to be tossed in a tumbler, but rather delicately handled to keep those crystals and hairs intact! We know our clients appreciate the care these people put into their jobs every day!

So, when you’re researching a new cannabis brand or evaluating packaged flowers, find out if they’re hand-trimmed. It not only improves the potency and flavor of the cannabis but supports cannabis workers too!

All our flowers are double- hand-trimmed for top quality buds! Come see what’s in stock in our wide assortment of NorCal flowers.