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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers: 5 Cannabis Strains to Try for Spring

By Zelda Flowers

Those dreary April showers are finally over here in Northern California and sunny May is on the way! It’s a great time to shake off the winter blues and try some new cannabis strains perfect for springtime activities. Here are five strains to try that are on the market right now:

  1. Afternoon Delight (1/8th – $45): Sativa dominant Afternoon Delight is perfect for an afternoon in the park watching clouds and making summer plans. Mainly cerebral, it provides a dreamy, creative mental energy conducive to brainstorming and artistic activities. Afternoon Delight is a mild smoke with a bright tropical flavor.
  2. Blue Cheese (1/8th – $40): Herald summer with the scent of ripe blueberries and aged cheese. This beautifully aromatic strain is slightly indica dominant and provides a blissful body buzz coupled with calming mental energy. Take some Blue Cheese with you on a light hike, for whale watching out of the coast or checking out live music in the square. This medium-body smoke provides solid medication while keeping you sociable.
  3. Daytripper (1/8th – $40): True to its name, Daytripper provides a fun, energetic high perfect for daytime activities. This sweet, smooth strain pairs well with more active pursuits like hiking, surfing, sports and work-outs. You’ll experience heady euphoria with just enough body relaxation to numb out any aches and pains from disused muscles.
  4. Starberry (1/8th – $40): This offspring of Strawberry Cough and Stardawg is a great choice for morning and daytime activities, providing a bright mental energy with physical euphoria. Pack up Starberry for day trips, especially those requiring an early morning start. When you want to feel great while still being clearheaded, this sweet-and-sour citrus flavored strain is for you.
  5. Timewreck (1/8th – $45): This potent, powerhouse strain is a must-try for people who enjoy vigorous activities. You’ll feel energized with euphoric vigor, body and mind. Motivated, inspired and pain-free from the solid body effects, Timewreck is a good choice for pick-up games, golf, nature hikes and walking tours

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