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Alcohol vs Cannabis

Do you ever feel bugged that the upcoming legal cannabis business movement is being shoved into the alcohol business model?  I certainly do.

Trying to make a gentle, peaceful product conform and mold into an industry that causes a multitude of deaths every year worldwide just doen’t make sense.

Check out the documentary “Prohibition” by Ken Burns and see how it aligns with what is happening today with our industry. Ask yourself after you watch this film, why in the hell do we want to be dragged down this path?

We need our own show, our own rules, our own voice. The big dollars want us to conform to a regulatory system that works for the alcohol industry, but not for the small cannabis farmer.

With all of our might here at Natural Cannabis, we will fight for the small farmer and the boutique grown cannabis. Yes, we describe ourselves as the Louis Vuitton of the industry because we believe in the finest of quality products and we put immense care into everything we do.

We work with small farmers that handcraft their work with love and precision.  We don’t play with the blow and go factory grown cannabis folks.

We don’t want to look good for our farmers, clients and patients … we want to be good !

What can we do to change this trend? Well probably nothing when it comes to legislators and legislation. However, one thing for certain we can do is make our voice be heard via our selection, where we shop and with how we spend our cannabis dollars.  We can fight the big alcohol model by choosing wisely.

So does this description of our cannabis business model sound like something we can shove into a prefabricated industry that kills so many of its clients?  I think not.

xo Tiger