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A Cannabis Topical to Conquer Period Pain

A Cannabis Topical to Conquer Period Pain

A Cannabis Topical to Conquer Period Pain

It’s one nearly inescapable peril of being a woman, dreaded period pain. Some women experience it occasionally while others are left in debilitating agony each month. Whether it’s a minor irritation or a constant problem, if you’re one of the unfortunates whose life is interrupted by your monthly visitor, let us suggest Cosmic View’s Cycle Soothe Balm ($32).

Cosmic View’s Cycle Soothe is a pain-relieving topical ointment designed specifically to address menstrual discomfort. It contains a proprietary formula of cannabinoids and terpenoids developed for deeply penetrating muscle relief from cramping infused into an essential oil packed balm that can be applied to the abdomen, back or anywhere you’re experiencing pain.

How do topicals work?

Cannabis topicals are a relatively new way for people to medicate without experiencing psychoactive effects. Even if a topical contains THC, it can’t reach the bloodstream. The one exception to this is the transdermal patch, which does deliver medicine all the way into the bloodstream, but in all other oils, creams, lotions and balms the cannabinoids instead permeate into the body’s CB2 receptors providing relief without cerebral effects.

Topicals are highly effective at relieving muscle and joint pain including pain caused by menstrual cramps, but they can provide other benefits as well. The types of effects provided by an infused topical are dependent on the specific formulation of cannabinoids, terpenoids and supporting ingredients such as medicinal herbs, essential oils and so on. So, even if you’ve tried a cannabis topical previously and didn’t achieve the desired effect, it’s important to try several varying formulas to find the one best suited for your specific body chemistry.

Some cannabis-infused topical users use them to treat skin conditions, promote wound healing, relieve itching and more. Seniors may find cannabis topicals provide better relief from painful joint inflammation caused by arthritis than traditional OTC or prescription products.

So, if you’re plagued by period pain, give Cosmic View’s Cycle Soothe Balm a try and let us know what you think! Or if you have pain that isn’t caused by your lady parts, OrganiCann, MendoCann and Oakland Organics also carry an assortment of cannabis topicals; everything from after-sports rub to skin-relieving Psori Assist. Come see what’s new!