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9 High Artists from Mexico to Watch

9 High Artists from Mexico to Watch

Check out these incredible High Art submissions by talented artists from Mexico

Daniel Barreto

Union Intro (Eclipse Venus/The Observer/Moon)

High Art 2017


Daniel Barreto is a Fine Arts graduate who has always shown interest in photography and birds. He relishes the simple things and finds beauty in small details, especially in nature.

Daniel Diaz


Top 30 High Art 2015

San Luis Potosi

Daniel is a digital artist and currently studying software development. His hobbies include digital collage and IDM music production.

Victor Manuel Rosas Chavez

High Art 2015

Mexico City

Victor creates art from geometric shapes and using math. His works include the use of complex patterns resulting in imaginative designs.

Flor Blanca

Flor Blanca - Quetzalcoatl


Mexican Roots Quetzalcoatl Serpiente Emplumada

High Art 2017


Little is known about Blanca, including where in Mexico she’s from. However, her creative entry based on traditional Mexican designs speaks for itself.

Oniria Hernandez

Heritage series

High Art 2015

Mexico City

Oniria’s creations are inspired by Mexican folklore, channeling an ancient sense of color and balance. Each illustration focuses on shape manipulation and interaction with empty space.

Paola Van Der Hulst

High Art 2017

Mexico City

Paola is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work spans from film to traditional and digital painting. Born in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and a Dutch father, Paola left Mexico at sixteen to study abroad but has returned to pursue her creative passions.

Abraham Moreno

Abraham Moreno - CannaBees

Canna Bees

High Art 2016


Abraham has elegantly captured the beauty of the humble bee and cannabis plant in his entry, Canna Bees.

Edo Nosm

High Art 2015

Pachuca De Soto, Hildalgo

Edo has created hybrid images of molecules, symbols, planets and the spaceships of a trinity of gods Xolotl , Coatlicue and Tezcatlipoca. He calls his style “dark pop” or “apocalypse pop,” a unique blend of lost Mexican culture with modern pop culture influences.

Diego Romo

Blue Dragon

Red Dragon


Top 30 High Art 2015

San Diego based Mexican artist

Diego prefers to create images of nature, exploring how humans interact with the world in a peaceful way.