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7 Tips for Safely Enjoying Cannabis Edibles

7 Tips for Safely Enjoying Cannabis Edibles enjoying 

ediblesThe world of cannabis edibles is an exciting one. The edibles case at your local dispensary probably holds as many tempting treats as any small bakery. Cannabis has been infused into cakes, cookies and candy galore, not to mention savory treats and soft drinks! However, edibles can be tricky when it comes to dosing and the majority of people who over-consume and have negative experiences with cannabis do so with edibles. A few simple tips can ensure you have a pleasant edibles experience, the first time and every time.

  1. Read the package. All professionally made cannabis edibles will have the dose of THC clearly printed on the packaging as well as a recommended serving size. Because tolerance levels vary by individual, there’s nothing wrong with starting with a quarter or half-dose and seeing if you achieve the results you’re looking for. Regardless, you should always know whether the edible you purchased contains one dose or ten.
  2. Don’t mix. Edibles can take up to ninety minutes to take effect. It may be tempting to smoke a few bowls while you wait or to increase your dose to get “really high,” but remember, once you’re too high, only time can really bring you back down. Not only should you avoid combining multiple cannabis products but you should definitely avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol combined with cannabis can lead to violent illness in some people not to mention a terrible case of the spins!
  3. Stay safe. Relaxing at home is the best time to try an edible product. Do not drive or operate anything more complicated than your microwave and TV remote. Prepare your environment ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need close at hand.
  4. Eat something. Don’t take cannabis edibles on an empty stomach. Enjoy a decent meal beforehand and make sure you have plenty of non-medicated snacks and beverages on hand.
  5. Stay hydrated. Water is the best form of hydration; seltzer, flavored or plain if you’re not a regular water fan. Juice and sports drinks are also good, but stay away from alcohol, caffeine and energy drinks!
  6. Be patient. Cannabis edibles can take 90 minutes to two hours to take effect in some cases. Be sure to wait the proper amount of time before taking more.
  7. Stay calm. If you do perchance over-consume, remain calm. Find a comfortable place to lie down. In all likelihood, you’ll sleep for a good, long time and awake feeling a little groggy.