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7 Awesome Things That Can Be Made with Hemp

7 Awesome Things That Can Be Made with Hemp

In case you didn’t know, hemp is nothing more than cannabis with very low levels of THC, too low to have psychoactive effects. The first recorded use of hemp registers more than 10,000 years ago!

This version of the Cannabis sativa plant is grown as an industrial crop and used to make all manner of commercial and industrial products. Here are just a few of the coolest things made from hemp on the market right now.


Synthetic fiber carpet is made with a host of environmentally-unfriendly chemicals whereas hemp carpet is all-natural and biodegradable. Hemp carpets are naturally resistant to mildew and the fibers are stronger than cotton.


 Made from a combination of organic cotton and hemp fibers, hemp jeans can be as comfortable and wearable as traditional denim.


 Hemp seed butter offers a nutty alternative to traditional dairy butter and it’s totally legal in all 50 states.


 Hemp fibers offer more flexibility and strength than fiberglass when it comes to creating surfboard skins. Also, unlike fiberglass, hemp is non-toxic and sustainable.

Lotion and beauty products

From nail polish to hand cream, hemp oil is an alternative to mineral oil and petroleum-based products. Hemp oil is high in vitamins A, C and E.

Animal chow

 Corn is traditionally the grain of choice for livestock feed but hemp is a better, more nutritious alternative. It’s easily digestible and contains high protein as well as essential vitamins. Studies are currently being conducted that could make hemp the feed of choice with US livestock producers.

Sneakers (and boat shoes, platforms, oxfords and more):

Hemp shoes are taking the internet by storm as consumer gain a renewed interest in this wonderfully sustainable plant. It’s not all hippie clogs and sandals either. You can find a variety of cool footwear styles from chic heels to comfy topsiders.