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6 Tips for Rolling the Perfect Joint

6 Tips for Rolling the Perfect Joint

6 Tips for Rolling the Perfect Joint

Vaping, dabbing and dosing with edibles have gained popularity with the advent of legalization opening the way for cannabis users to experiment with new delivery methods. Consumers have more choices than ever for ways to indulge in their favorite strains, but sometimes you just need to kick it old school. Nothing beats sharing a joint with a group of friends. A packed bowl is nice too, but there’s just something about passing that joint around.

Joints, cones or pre-rolls, or whatever you want to call them are perfect for when you’re out and about. They’re portable, discreet and there’s no pipe to carry around after you’re done. Enjoy a few puffs before the movie, while on a hike, at the beach, or between rounds at the disc golf course. Joints are also easy to produce when someone gifts you some cannabis. Break out the papers and roll up the perfect cone to share as a thank you!

One might say that tight joint rolling is a bit of a status symbol within the cannabis community. Some take a lot of pride in their skills, developing their own style and technique. You don’t need to master all the fancy rolls but knowing how to twist up a good joint is a skill every stoner should learn. You never know when it might come in handy!

So, whether it’s purely for personal enjoyment or to impress your friends, here are our best tips for rolling the perfect joint:

First, rolling an excellent joint is an art form and one that is not mastered easily. It takes patience and practice to become proficient.

Start with High-Quality Cannabis

Make sure you’re using properly stored and cured cannabis. Green cannabis, that which hasn’t been properly dried and cured will burn slowly but not well. Old or dry cannabis will burn very quickly and waste much of the product. Purchasing your cannabis from a reputable company that is committed to quality can prevent these problems!

Grind Before You Roll

In order to produce a joint that burns slow and evenly, you want a fine grind to your cannabis flowers. Break up buds into small pieces and use a metal herb grinder to break it down further. Don’t over grind and end up with cannabis powder though! Make sure it’s consistent with any lumps, stems or seeds removed.

Ditch the Wood Pulp

NCC Rolling Papers

When it comes to papers, there are several choices; traditional wood pulp, hemp, rice, and plant cellulose. Wood pulp papers are heavier and can impact the taste of your joint. Hemp and rice papers are thin while providing a slow, even burn. Plant cellulose, which is typically clear, not only looks cool but create tight, slow-burning joints as well due to the slight stickiness of the papers. Buy high-quality papers for the best burning and best tasting joints.

Use a Crutch

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A crutch is a tip that you add to the end of your joint. They can be homemade or store-bought and are generally made from glass or paper. Using a crutch in your joints has a few benefits. Most importantly, it prevents the spit-soaked soggy end of the joint issue, but it also acts as a guide for the form of your joint making rolling easier. Beyond that, a crutch helps with airflow and gives the smoker a good draw and best of all means you can smoke your joint all the way to the end. No wasted roaches!

Arrange the Cannabis

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Don’t just dump the contents of your grinder into a paper and attempt to roll it up. You’ll end up with a tortured looking, lumpy joint. Smooth and gently compress the ground cannabis into the shape you want to roll. For a straight, cigarette-type joint called a “pinner,” keep your cannabis in the center and evenly distributed. If you prefer a cone shape, keep the end of the paper flared and place more cannabis here. This will provide bigger hits than a pinner.

Roll and Roll

Once you have your cannabis arranged just so, it’s time to start rolling. For pinners, keep the edges of the paper level. For cones, you’ll angle the paper so it’s narrower at the tip and wider at the end. Gently and evenly roll the cannabis between your fingers to further compact it into your desired cylindrical shape. As the ground material gets tighter, start at the tip and tuck the edge of the paper, then begin to slowly roll the joint keeping gentle tension for a tight, even roll. If the paper develops a wrinkle while rolling, use your opposite hand to gently pull the paper from the end until it’s smooth again. Before sealing, push in whatever cannabis fell out the end and compress it in with a pen cap or other similar item. Lick the exposed edge and apply tightly to the joint starting at the tip to the end. Twist the end like a wick and you’re done!

Obviously, it takes fine motor skills and a lot of practice to whip out a perfect joint on-demand, so don’t get frustrated when your first joints are a hot mess. This skill takes a lot of practice to develop, which is a great excuse to roll and smoke another joint! In no time you’ll be presenting the perfect joints to your friends.

Have other joint-rolling tips to share? Let us know how you roll your cones and pinners!

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Too much work? Hey, joint rolling isn’t for everyone. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! We sell a variety of pre-rolls including singles and our Supernaturals pre-roll mini pack! Come see what strains we have in stock!


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