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6 Tips for Entering High Art 2018

6 Tips for Entering High Art 2018

Now in its fifth year, High Art 2018 is sure to be the biggest and best year yet! Last year we received more than 3,000 entries of beautiful, inspiring, curious, thought-provoking art from artists in 63 countries around the world and gave away $45,000 in prize money. We can’t wait to see what the new year brings!

As you can imagine, competition for the $25,000 grand prize is going to be fierce. Remember, that’s $15,000 for you and $10,000 to a charity you choose.*

You’ll need to come up with something that really stands out in order to snag a cash prize. Here are a few tips to get you started!

  1. Mark your calendar! We’re accepting High Art 2018 entries beginning February 20th and the contest closes on March 20th. Don’t miss this window to submit your artwork.
  2. Keep it original. Stay away from using copyrighted images including celebrities and logos. All artwork submitted be created by you for this contest. We can’t accept pieces that have been previously submitted to High Art or other art competitions.
  3. Adhere to the theme. The theme for High Art 2018 is “Freedom.” Your piece should reflect this theme in whatever way that inspires you and will inspire viewers. You’re welcome to enter any work you like but if you want to take home prize money, make sure it’s on theme.
  4. Do your best work. Don’t forget that artists of all experience levels can enter High Art, so whether you’re a casual artist or a professional, make sure to give it your best effort. Submit something worthy of a $25,000 prize!
  5. Read and follow the rules. There aren’t that many so take the time to read them. The best way to ensure you never win a High Art prize is to get your work disqualified by submitting it in the wrong format, submitting incomplete information or stealing people’s work (we check!).
  6. Smoke, toke, dab, nosh. However you like to use it, this is a cannabis and creativity contest! It’s certainly not required, but we want to see where cannabis can take your art and our theme.
*the fine print: 18 and over. No celebrities or copyrighted images allowed. All work must be original and created by the entrant. Charity must be selected from the list provided by NCC. Entrants agree to all contest rules including use of credited artwork on NCC social media, packaging and marketing materials. Winners must have valid email and PayPal account to receive award payments.