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6 Tips: Cannabis on a Budget

6 Tips: Cannabis on a Budget

By Zelda Flowers

For daily cannabis users, most of who are medicating, the costs of cannabis can really add up. Treating chronic pain, for example, can require frequent, daily treatment for pain control.

Same can be said of those who use cannabis for mental conditions like anxiety, depression and stress. If you find your cannabis needs are stretching your budget, here are a few ways to save some money on your purchases.

Do your research. Whether you’re using cannabis recreationally or medically, research current strains before you go shopping. There are many websites available that offer strain reviews and information. Are you looking to treat a specific condition? Check out forums where patients report which strains have worked best for them. Want to achieve a specific effect? Read strain reviews to make sure you’re getting what you want. If you’re looking for an uplifting, giggly sativa high and purchase a strain that has sedating properties, you’ll be disappointed regardless of the quality of the cannabis. Just knowing whether a strain is classified as a sativa or indica hybrid doesn’t guarantee it will produce “typical” effects!

Bargain hunt. No two dispensaries are alike. It may seem like a hassle to visit 3-4 dispensaries in your area, but the payoffs are big. First, you’ll likely get a free gift or valuable discounts on your first visit. But, more importantly, you can get an idea of the quality and value each shop offers. There can be huge variations in both. Some dispensaries offer rewards programs, subscription boxes and other perks to consider.

Shop Online. More dispensaries than ever are offering online shopping for in-store pick-up or delivery. Online shopping can curb impulse buys plus gives you the added benefit of being able to look up additional information online while you shop. For security reasons, dispensaries don’t allow members to use cell phones inside.

Shop specials. Dispensaries, like all retail businesses, offer a variety of specials and deals. Some offer daily or weekly deals, others are monthly. Almost all offer fantastic sales for 420 (April 20), Green Friday (Black Friday) and other major holidays. Taking advantage of these deals and stocking up can save you a lot in the long run. Just be sure to store your cannabis properly – cool, dark and in airtight glass – or all those savings will be wasted!

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Try new strains and methods. Continuously consuming the same strain using the same method will build up your tolerance so you’ll need more cannabis to achieve results over time. Instead, regularly try new strains and even switch up your delivery method. If you normally use vape pens, switch to flowers or edibles for a little while. If you normally smoke flowers, try a vaporizer or concentrates. Each strain of cannabis is unique in its composition of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds, so no two strains will affect you the same way.

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Reset your tolerance. Taking a 48-hour break from cannabis (or longer) will result in a lowered tolerance once you resume medicating.