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6 Strains to Try This Star Wars Day

6 Strains to Try This Star Wars Day

The fourth of May AKA Star Wars Day is commemorated by fans around the world. Now one of the most popular and recognizable movie franchises in the world, Star Wars captured the hearts and minds of theatergoers with its premiere in 1977. It should come as no surprise that there are cannabis cultivators paying homage to it through the creation of Star Wars-themed strains. Here are five you are most likely to come across in time for May the Fourth!

Darkside OG: A highly potent indica, Darkside OG is a hybrid of Death Star and Rugburn OG. Earthy and floral, this high THC strain could be a one-hit wonder for novice cannabis users.

Darth Vader OG: Rich purple buds and a euphoric mental high make Darth Vader a standout strain. Long lasting and potent, this smooth, sweet smoke eliminates stress, calms the mind and relaxes the body.

Death Star: Sweet skunk and fuel notes make this indica dominant hybrid a favorite among Star Wars fans and non-fans alike. A cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, this strain will give you a euphoric focus and a carefree outlook.

Jedi Kush: Potent with the flavor of earthy pine and skunk, this pure indica is a cross of Death Star and SFV OG. This creeping strain will fill you with relaxing warmth and a dreamy mental state.

Master Yoda Kush: A sativa hybrid among many indica dominant strains, Master Yoda provides a heady, dreamlike and euphoric mental experience. The zesty citrus aroma and flavor makes this strain as delicious as it is potent.

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Skywalker OG: A favorite of Kush lovers, Skywalker OG is a potent hybrid that provides users with the focus of a Jedi Master.  Earth, pine and fuel aromas give way to a sweet, slightly spicy smoke that can boost creativity and mental energy.