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6 Rainy Day Activities to Enjoy High

6 Rainy Day Activities to Enjoy High

6 Rainy Day Activities to Enjoy High

It’s going to be a gray and rainy week here in Northern California as spring showers overtake us. Instead of hiking, biking and pleasant walks through the park, you may find yourself stuck inside with some free time on your hands. Yeah sure, you could binge-watch a show or enjoy a movie marathon but if you’re looking for some new ideas, here are 6 indoor activities to enjoy while high:

Board Games and Puzzles

Card and board games are great for two or more people. Go old-school with backgammon, chess or cribbage or discover a new tabletop game with a trip to the local game store. Share a joint and a rousing game of Rummy. Let the conversation flow! If you’re on your own, tackle a complicated puzzle. Cannabis makes puzzles so much more engrossing. Smoke a bowl and revel in the satisfaction of finding and placing those little pieces!

Tackle a Major Baking Project

Watch a couple of episodes of The Spring Baking Challenge on The Food Network for inspiration, then take on a baking project you’ve always wanted to try. Whip up scones or biscotti or pineapple upside-down cake! If savory is more your style, recreate one of your favorite fancy restaurant dishes. Cannabis makes cooking more fun and enhances everything from the prep work to aroma and flavors of your food. Make a gingerbread diorama of your apartment, go nuts!

Curate Your Photos

You, me, we all have hundreds of photos on our phones, computers and mobile devices. Curl up with a hot cuppa and take the time to view and sort your images. There are plenty of cheap printing options online, so splurge and get some of your favorites printed for framing or make a collage, t-shirt or coffee mug. Sort photos into folders by subject to make them easy to find; friends, family, pets, vacation, profile photos. Place copies of all your favorites into a separate folder and then store and display them in a digital picture frame.

Redecorate a Room

Rearrange the furniture, hang up some new art, switch out old knick-knacks for new; there are all kinds of ways to spruce up a space with no or low-cost. Take a trip to the local thrift stores or check for garage and estate sales nearby. Who knows? You may find exactly what you didn’t know you needed! Pick up new curtains or a framed print, or head to a nursery and pick out a new houseplant. Let the cannabis inspire you!

Ruthlessly Clean Out Your Closet

Tastes and styles change over time and there are probably ghosts of decades past lingering in the back of your closet yearning to be set free. Channel some Marie Kondo and ask yourself if each clothing item or accessory ‘sparks joy.’ If it’s stained or in need of repair, it goes in the trash. You would’ve fixed that zipper by now if you were going to. If it’s in good condition, put it in a donate pile and give gently used clothing to a local charity or shelter. You’ll find getting dressed a much easier and more pleasurable experience plus you now have permission to buy new clothes. Cleaning and organizing can be very satisfying when high!

Treat Yourself to a Mini Spa Day

Face masks and scrubs are easy to make at home with basic kitchen ingredients. You can find recipes online. Draw yourself a scented bubble bath, give yourself a mani/pedi or just do a deep conditioning on your hair. Rough, dry hands or feet? Try moisturizing treatments! Just take some you time and bask in the feeling of pampering yourself!

What are your favorite indoor activities to do while high? How are you spending your rainy days? Let us know!

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