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6 Perfect Cannabis Infused Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

6 Perfect Cannabis Infused Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

6 Perfect Cannabis Infused Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

The chances are if you live in Northern California and have any interest in sports, you’re probably either hosting or attending a Super Bowl party next weekend. When you live around here, it’s hard to escape Niner Fever! Or maybe you have zero interest in football but hey, there’s free snacks. There’s no shame in settling in by the food for the big game. Some might say it’s the best part of Super Bowl Sunday!

Whether you’re into the game, the ads, or the bounty of wings, dips and party snacks, we know everything goes better with cannabis! Did you know our edibles section carries a wide variety of great tasting, cannabis-infused treats that you can enjoy yourself or share with others?

Here are our top picks for cannabis infused edibles that are perfect for game day:

Ranch Crackers

Heavenly Sweet’s Ranch Crackers – $17

This package contains 10 doses, enough to share and they satisfy the craving for something crunchy and with great Ranch flavor! You can even enjoy them with dip.

Lemon Buddies

Heavenly Sweet’s Lemon Buddies – $17

Another treasure from Heavenly Sweet, these Lemon Buddies are the new Muddy Buddies/Puppy Chow. These small bites taste like lemon meringue pie and are dusted with powdered sugar. If you have a sweet tooth and love lemon, these are the perfect snacks. Each pack contains 10 doses!


CUE THC Shots – $5

Looking for a fast and easy way to dose? It doesn’t get easier than CUE THC Shots! Each bottle contains one 10mg dose and comes in either Energy or Chill formulas.


California Dreamin’ Sparkling Juices – $6

Grab a few of these delicious sparking juices for the teetotalers at your Super Bowl party! Each bottle contains 10mg of THC in a natural and refreshing drink. This is a great choice for people who dislike or abstain from alcohol but want to enjoy a nice buzz.

100 Bar Web1

Natural Cannabis 100 Bar – $20

This rich, delicious bar of artisanal chocolate is segmented into 10 doses for easy and accurate medicating. This also makes it easy to break apart and share with friends! Made by a master chocolatier, all you’ll taste is smooth, creamy chocolate.

Java Janes Single Serve

Java Janes Micro Serving – $7

These little beauties contain espresso beans covered by our signature premium chocolate. Available in a variety of flavors, you can enjoy a little pick-me-up whenever you want. Each packet contains 4 Java Janes so you can build up your dose as needed. Each bean contains 2.5mg of THC. Great for sharing or for those new to cannabis edibles.

Don’t miss out on our game day specials! Look for great deals online and in our retail locations on Sunday, February 2nd only! Order online or come early for best selection.