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6 Cannabis Strains for New Users

6 Cannabis Strains for New Users

Welcome to the wonderful world of cannabis! Whether you’re completely new to cannabis or back after an extended break, there’s a whole lot to discover. One thing is certain; today’s cannabis is more potent than ever. Back in the olden days of cannabis, THC levels used to hover around 10%. Today’s cannabis is reaching towards 30% THC as breeder focus on more and more potent strains. For a new cannabis user, it’s important that your initial experience is positive. Choosing the proper strain can make a huge impact in that regard. Here are a few strains that new users can try without worrying about overdoing it.

Blue Dream 1000
Blue Dream


Blue Dream: A nearly 50/50 hybrid, Blue Dream is mostly known for a sativa-like mental energy and happy head-based high. Negative emotions and worries lift away after a few hits. Women have reported using Blue Dream to alleviate pain from menstrual cramps.


Indy GSC


Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): This potent hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison was a Northern California staple for years before expanding across the United States where it’s one of the most sought after strains. GSC provides the full-body relaxation and sedative effects associated with indica combined with a heady burst of blissful mental energy.


od jack herer
Jack Herer


Jack Herer: Jack Herer is a wildly popular strain that’s easy to find in cannabis legal states. It provides a bright, joyful boost of mental energy perfect for social activities and creative pursuits.



Outdoor Big City Lights
Northern Lights

Northern Lights: Northern Lights is a good choice for a relaxing night in. A calming, happy effect will leave you experiencing dreamy euphoria. Great for insomnia and sleep problems.



Ligt deprivation Sweet and sour diesel
Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel: Energetic euphoria is the hallmark of Sour Diesel. This strain is perfect for daytime activities and socializing with friends.



great white widow
White Widow

White Widow: Fantastic for stimulating creativity and conversation, White Widow is a classic strain from the Netherlands known for its frosty appearance. The peaceful happiness of this strain will keep you relaxed without too much sedation.