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5 Weed-Themed Board Games for Game Night

5 Weed-Themed Board Games for Game Night

5 Weed-Themed Board Games for Game Night

Board games are great. Get a bunch of a friends together, smoke a few bowls and bust out the games. You’ll all be laughing and competing in no time and you’re likely to learn a lot about the people you’re playing with. It’s a fun way to pass time and bond with your buds.

But what if you don’t have enough friends for a great game night? You’re in luck! They’re happening all around you. You just need to know where to look!

Check out your local game shop for organized groups looking for more players. It’s likely they host a board game night or know somewhere that does.

Look online for groups through a website like MeetUp where people organize public groups you can join with no charge.

You can even start your own and make some new local friends!

Once you’ve got your merry band of board gamers and cannabis enthusiasts together, here are 5 cannabis-themed board games to get the party started. BYOC!

Lords of Cannabis

A strategic game of reaping, corruption, and conquest! Reap the rewards of expanding throughout the vast pot fields of cannabis from building on rich resource plots and shrewd trading. Be the first player with ten points to win. Keep in mind- one strategy might work once, but in the next game…everything will change!

The Legendary Game of Zonk

An active dice game that comes complete with its own glass pipe! Smoke and roll your way to #1!

Pot Farm – The Board Game

It was the first Kickstarter game to let you grow weed, Pot Farm is fun for 2-4 players. Farmers take turns growing outrageous plants, buying improvements for their own farm, and competing to see who is the ultimate Pot Farmer.

Grass – The Original Card Game

Want to play an intoxicating game that lets you buy and sell the dangerous weed? You’ll face government harassment jail terms, fines and cut-throat competition. As a vicarious dealer you can make a fortune, or watch it go up in smoke. For 4-6 players.


Blaze up and bring the squad together for the royal reefer race of the century, bet you can’t say that ten times fast while stoned. Pull a card from the deck and follow the card instructions, then move the character piece accordingly. The first player to land on the bud brick entrance to Cannabis Castle gets bragging rights and gets to wear the cannabis crown (yes, there is a crown included).

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