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5 Tips for Growing Your Own Top-Shelf Cannabis

5 Tips for Growing Your Own Top-Shelf Cannabis

5 Tips for Growing Your Own Top-Shelf Cannabis

Summer is nearly here, and June is traditionally the time when outdoor cannabis gardens are planted for the fall harvest. If you’re lucky enough to live in California or one of the other weed-legal states that allows you to grow your own, you may find cultivating your own cannabis is a fun and rewarding summertime hobby. Growing top-shelf cannabis isn’t easy, however. If it were, everyone would do it! It’s unlikely your first harvest will match the flavor and potency of those from farmers with decades of cannabis experience, but there are a few things you can do to help your plants produce big, resin-packed buds.

Start with Strong Genetics

You won’t be growing top-shelf cannabis from bag seed. It’s important to purchase quality seeds or clones from reputable dealers to make sure they’re free from disease and other flaws.

Use High-Quality Soil

own soil

The very foundation of a healthy plant is the soil in which it’s grown. Soil rich in nutrients and minerals will provide big benefits, helping your plants grow larger and withstand problems easier. Start seeds or clones in organic soil formulated for cannabis growth. You can find recommendations online that can be found at many garden supply stores.

Healthy Plants Need Lots of Sunlight

Sunlight provides the energy your plants need to grow healthy and to produce large, resinous colas. It’s important to make sure your plants receive the maximum amount of sunlight during daylight hours.

Keep it Airy

Airflow is also important to healthy plant development, especially as your plant is flowering. Ensure there is plenty of space between your plants, so they have enough room to spread out. Carefully trim areas that become thick with foliage.

Take the Time to Dry and Cure

dry and cure

Cannabis needs to be dried and cured properly to reach its full potential. Without drying and curing, your cannabis will taste grassy and its effects weakened. Take the time to do this correctly and don’t rush it, no matter how eager you are to smoke your bounty! You’ll be shocked at how much of a difference it makes in the final product.

Looking for seeds or clones for your summer garden? We have a huge selected of seeds from top genetics companies and receive new quality clones each Wednesday in our garden department. Be sure to stop by and our helpful staff can help you select the best strains for your grow situation.