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5 Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday

5 Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday

When it comes to shopping, Americans have millions of choices. One of those choices is to spend money locally, especially during the holidays. It can be hard to resist the convenience of shopping big stores or online outlets with access to endless brands and choices, but a dollar put back into your community is worth much, much more than a dollar. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to eschew mega-corps and support your local economy instead:

  1. It creates jobs. Economy expert Michael Shuman says that, “Shifting just 10% of your spending to local businesses can create 31,000 new jobs and $940 million in new wages.” The Natural Cannabis Company employs around 80 full- and part-time workers throughout our companies in Northern California!
  2. It’s better for the environment. Many local shops sell local products which reduces transportation and shipping, saving resources. All our NCC products are from small Northern California businesses.
  3. Keeps money in the community. Your local sales tax goes to support services we all use, and local businesses are much more likely to reintroduce their profits back into the regional economy.
  4. It creates diversity. Local businesses provide alternatives to mass produced products, often with better quality and service. Anyone in the country can go the mall and pick up an identical gift at Christmas. Shop local for awesome products you won’t find everywhere else!
  5. It supports non-profits too. Small businesses donate significantly more to local non-profits than big corporations. When you shop locally, it’s likely that some of those dollars are going to help people in your community. Natural Cannabis Company donates clothing, hygienic items and more to local charities like The Living Room each year!

It’s always been important to us at The Natural Cannabis Company to support our community and other small business owners. That’s why we partner with small, local, farms to produce more than 90% of the cannabis and cannabis products we sell. When you’re purchasing products through us, you’re supporting these families too.

We thank you for your continued patronage and wish you a happy holiday season!