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5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

By Zelda Flowers

Cannabis is now legal in many states with the option for consumers to grow plants for personal use. In California, cannabis lovers can grow up to six plants at home without any type of permits or paperwork. If you’re a regular cannabis user or a medical marijuana patient, there are many reasons why growing your own is a good idea.

It’s easy.

Marijuana gained the moniker of “weed” for a reason. It’s very easy to grow and survives even under less than ideal conditions. With just a little bit of education and preparation, you can grow decent quality cannabis outdoors without much fuss. Invest in a high-quality organic soil, don’t over water and keep it private. You’ll have a nice little harvest come fall.

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It’s fun.

Even if you’ve never had an attraction to gardening before, growing cannabis can be a fun and rewarding activity. Watching delicate leaves unfurl and buds form has a mystical quality and since you’re limited to six plants, it’s easy to see growth and progress each day. Cannabis plants don’t require a ton of upkeep. A little trim here and there along with proper watering is about it.

You’re in control.

Especially true when you start from seeds, when you grow cannabis at home you’re in total control of the conditions. You can be assured that what you’re consuming is healthy and pure, not adulterated by pesticides and other harmful chemicals. In addition to controlling the soil and nutrients, you can control the atmosphere, amount of care the plants receive and how the buds are cured and stored.

You’ll save money.

Whether you smoke a little or a lot, growing your own cannabis can help you save money. While the initial preparation costs can be a little steep for indoor set-ups, the longer you grow, the more you will save. Set-up costs for outdoor cannabis can be as little as a high-quality clone, a bag of organic soil and a 10-gallon pot with good drainage.

It makes a great gift.

Stefan Jevremovic- "Share the Love"- Top 35 High Art 2016
Stefan Jevremovic- “Share the Love”- Top 35 High Art 2016

Recreational cannabis laws in California allow you to gift cannabis to other responsible adults. Gift some to other growers and they may return the favor!

Whether you start with one plant or go for the full six, you’ll find that growing cannabis can be enjoyable and money-saving. The outdoor grow season begins in California on June 1st so get planting!

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