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5 Must Haves Tools for Cannabis Users

5 Must Haves Tools for Cannabis Users

Whether you’re new to cannabis or returning after an extended absence, there are a few must haves to keep on hand that will save you money and increase your enjoyment. All of these items can be purchased cheaply and easily online or at your local hardware or drugstore.

Cannabis Storage: Properly stored, cannabis can remain fresh and potent up to two years. If you’re the stockpiling type, make sure you invest in several sizes of storage containers. Small airtight containers for grams and eighths are a must as is a larger container for ounce storage. Be sure to label your strains!

Glass: Airtight glass storage jars are plentiful and can be found anywhere from the hardware store to mass retailers. Mason jars make excellent containers for storing cannabis and come in blue and purple, which reduces the amount of light reaching your bud. Remember that light is the enemy of potency, so always store your cannabis in cool, dark places.

Metal: Airtight metal containers are another good choice. They come in a variety of sizes and there’s no danger of sunlight exposure, but they also cost more than glass.

Silicone: Silicone is becoming more popular and comes in a rainbow of colors. It is not recommended to store cannabis in plastic for anything other than short term storage (transportation, for example). Plastic can hold a static charge that can destroy precious trichomes. Silicone is a safer choice.

Pro Tip: Store all your strains separately to keep unique flavor profiles true.

Scrapers & Pokers: Unless you only smoke joints, you’re going to need a small variety of cleaning tools to scrape out acrid resin and residue. Regularly cleaning your bowl will keep your cannabis tasting good when you smoke, otherwise you’ll soon notice harshness and an ashy, burnt taste. 

Pro Tip: Clean your materials frequently. Clean bowls and parts will vastly improve the flavor of your cannabis.

Grinder: If you plan on smoking cannabis flowers (buds) you’ll need a grinder. Referred to as a “spice grinder” on, you can find them in all sizes and colors. Just be sure to accurately assess how much cannabis you plan to grind over time. Small grinders may be cute but if you’re frequently grinding, they’re not practical.

Pro Tip: Splurge on a sturdy metal grinder. The teeth remain sharp even with heavy use and they’re easy to clean..

Isopropyl Alcohol: ISO comes in handy for cleaning sticky cannabis residue. The higher the percentage, the more power it has. Use 91% or higher. Just place whatever glass or metal items you want to clean in a glass bowl, narrow glass or plastic baggie, cover with ISO and let soak. After about 10 minutes, give it a good shake and use pipe cleaners, a poker, paper towels or cotton swabs to clean out any residue. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

Pro Tip:  Out of ISO? Put your gear in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for a few hours. Once removed, the material should flake off. Scrub crevices with a clean toothbrush.

Lighter/Torch: Lighters and torches are a must for smoking or dabbing. Electric lighters are affordable, rechargeable and are a healthier alternative to butane.

Pro Tip: To quickly and safely clean concentrate out of a vape attachment, gently use a hairdryer from a distance to warm the concentrate residue until it liquefies.

Suggested Add-Ons:

Eye drops – for red, tired eyes

Bowl saver – small rubber band that fits over your pipe bowl

Rolling machine – unless you’ve mastered rolling, this comes in handy!

Roach clip

Heavy duty pipe cleaners